Our specialization

Alpamare Bad TölzOur office is specialized in sports swimming and recreational areas, in balneal equipment, balneal clinics and hospitals, further in homes for seniors, and in care homes. Our specific domain covers especially balneal, swimming pool, sports and recreational facilities, the designing of which we have been doing for as many as forty years.

  • comprehensive knowledge in the branch
  • provision of all special requirements
  • optimal planning process
  • efficient control of quality, costs, and terms
  • general solution of the comprehensive design tasks
  • qualified projects for all technology
  • high quality of projects and their implementation
  • low production costs
  • low operational and maintenance costs

Besides general requirements in this specific branch, we know solutions to special operation requirements for exploitation of brine, sea water, silt and turf, namely from their initial treatment to diversion into sewage.

Bad Dürrheim, whirlpoolThanks to our long-term specialization, we are able to penetrate deeper into the swimming pool building issues in all their aspects. We will share this experience with our customers.

Our specialization in swimming pool building urges us repeatedly to seek solutions that are often beyond the boundary of technical feasibility.

In order to be able to break all sorts of technical problems, mostly in the restoration of swimming pools, we have developed special components such as floor drains or built-in swimming pool components.

The organizational structure of our office makes it possible for one of our executives to take over the management of individual designing tasks for the entire period of their fulfillment. Due to our rich experience, we are not afraid of taking risk of a prompt decision and an unconventional solution so as to guarantee the economy of the project.

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